Free State Test Prep

By June 2, 2015March 8th, 2016General

Check our schedule for the next Free Test Prep class. Hours for live classes vary to accommodate our students’ schedules. View our Live Class Schedule as soon as you enroll in your pre-licensing course – you can attend these sessions multiple times and will likely pick up more information each time you attend.

Live class schedules are available by clicking on the “Licensing Courses” tab on the home page, then select “Live Class Schedule.”

These classes are free to our students – definitely plan to attend prior to taking your exam. However, since these classes are only offered every four – six weeks, you are wise to attend every time they’re offered to help you get familiar with test question structure and important topics.  Attending a Live Test Prep class early in your curriculum can also help you as you proceed through your online pre-licensing course. This Free Test Prep is a great chance to meet our instructors and staff and ask questions as you are going through the course – your very own “tutoring” session.

Real estate brokers, affiliates in the industry, and experienced agents often join us for these sessions to answer your questions about getting started in a real estate career, current market conditions, and how to achieve your goals as a real estate licensee.