Our pre-licensing course is enough for most of our students to pass their licensing exam without any other assistance. However, extra study is never a bad idea, so we offer optional study guides and test prep packets.

Licensing Exam Test Prep Book - $29.95

Licensing Exam Test Prep Book – $29.95

All-in-one review and testing to pass the national portion of the Real Estate License Exam. Produced by Performance Programs Company especially for Utah Real Estate School, TLG, the book includes 30 pages of national cram cards, 21 pages of math cram cards, and 71 pages of practice test questions. Also included is a national licensing exam simulation test, so you can see if you’re ready for the licensing exam. And answer keys with explanations are also included. Just $29.95 includes local shipping and handling.

MP3 Key Point Exam Review $31.22

MP3 Key Point Exam Review

This MP3 exam review covers the topics you’ve learned in the RECampus national portion of your course (it does not include the Utah Law part of the course).  

NOTE: In order to use this product, you’ll need to download the zip file of MP3 tracks to your computer.  The individual tracks must be extracted from the zip file and saved to your computer, then transferred to your tablet or other listening device.  You may also listen to the tracks directly from your computer.


Exam Prep Question Packet – Just $17.95 includes shipping & handling.

Exam Prep Question Packet – Just $17.95 includes shipping & handling.

This packet consists of over 300 questions used in past Exam Prep and Lecture Review classes. Students who purchase this packet and review these questions are more prepared for the state-licensing exam. Answer key included.  Just $17.95 includes shipping and handling!

Modern Real Estate Practice, v.19.0, $59.41 includes shipping

Modern Real Estate Practice, v.19.0

This thorough textbook follows along with the online portion of our course referred to as RECampus, covering the general (national) curriculum.  Chapter One is Section 1 of RECampus, Chapter Two is Section 2, and so on.  The book goes into more detail and helps you retain the information you’re learning, thereal estate topics consistent throughout the country.  A great companion to the national part of our online course and a great reference guide to keep on the shelf once you have your license.

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Study Guide – $23.58 plus shipping & handling (Total $37.00)

Study Guide – $23.58 plus shipping & handling (Total $37.00)

This book parallels the national part of the agent pre-licensing course known as RECampus. Chapter 1 of this Study Guide is Section 1 of your online course, Chapter 2 is Section 2 and so on, although there may be slight variations based on updates to the RECampus course and the textbook. This study guide features very little narrative; however, it is filled with sample test questions posed in different question methods, such as multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, matching, etc. to get you thinking and help you prepare for your licensing exam. This Study Guide will help you learn the real estate terms and concepts you’ll need to know to excel on your licensing exam (and in your career.)

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Real Estate Math: What You Need to Know, $41.09 includes shipping

This book gives those who are struggling with math an opportunity to refresh their math knowledge and be able to apply basic math concepts to the practice of real estate.  Practice problems, examples, and formulas will help you learn how to succeed with the math used in real estate (and on the licensing exam, where you’ll encounter 8 – 13 questions on the 130 question licensing exam).

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National PearsonVue Real Estate Drill & Practice Qbank v2.0 (Utah), $59.95

National PearsonVUE Drill & Practice QBank, $59.95

If you want extra practice in preparing for the general portion of the licensing exam (80 of the 130 total questions), this question bank allows you to take and retake exams and customize quizzes for the areas where you need more work.

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