We’re committed to meeting your Utah real estate licensing needs by offering current, accurate and informative courses in interesting, engaging and convenient formats.

We keep our focus on you as we continue excelling in the field of real estate education in the state of Utah.  We aren’t distracted looking for other revenue sources in other states and other industries.  Utah real estate is our expertise!

Our students consistently pass the state-licensing exam and go on to rewarding careers in various real estate fields including residential and commercial sales, property management, and real estate investment.

Utah Real Estate School, TSG provides options for any schedule. For your convenience, classes are open enrollment (you can start anytime). In addition to licensing education, we are state approved for all continuing education courses required for license renewal.

Course fees include your textbook, free placement assistance, and free live test prep classes.


What our students say about us.

My exam is scheduled for Saturday-eeekkks! I’ve been studying up a storm and have found the school exams an outstanding resource. I’m so glad I can take them several times.

Julia S.

I just wanted to let you know how my state exam went. I was able to pass it on my first try. I thought it was easier than the final exams for the classes. Let your other students know that if they can pass the final exams with a fairly high percentage, they will have no problems with the state exam.

I am now working with C21 Everest. I'm in my third week now. I have a listing under contract, and a buyer under contract, and a few other pre approved buyers I'm working with to get into a home. Your school was a great choice for me.

John N.

Thanks SO much for banking my hours in a timely fashion! I tell everyone to get their hours through your continuing education. You do a suberb job! I actually learned some very valuable information.Thanks again!

Allison R.

I got my Massachusetts license through a “live” multi-week training in Brookline, Massachusetts in 2005. Then I got my New Hampshire license with “live” training in Manchester, NH in 2007.

Your on-line training was far more thorough, far more complete, far clearer, much more detailed, and far more focused than the training that I got on either of the other training programs. I was very very impressed with the detail, quality, and feedback. The quizzes were excellent, the interspersed videos excellent, definitions were clear, style and pace excellent, and on and on. I learned a lot, which was really important to me. Getting the license was great, but learning the information was my real goal. And I thank you for that.

I hope you know what a great job you do. And I can’t believe that you were available late at night, early in the morning, week days, week nights, week ends, all the time. Many thanks.

Janet C.

Just wanted to send a quick note to say I PASSED my licensing exam 1/7/14. Thank you, Tammy, for the very fun and informative test prep course on 1/4/14. The way you presented the intimidating math was genius, and “Uncle IRV (I = RxV) saved me multiple times. Everything went exactly as you said it would, and I felt prepared. Thank you for offering such a quality pre-licensing education

Amber S.

I just wanted to say thank you so much to you and your staff for being so helpful and very prompt in your responses. I will recommend your services to anyone who is looking to join the Real Estate field. Again, Thank You So Much

Oscar L.

Hurray, I took my state test April 4th and passed on the 1st try, I am so relieved and happy. Thanks to the Utah Real Estate School I was prepared well for the test. It was a great experience and I learned a lot…Thanks again.

Bruce J.

 Utah Real Estate School, TSG is committed to your success!

Our Guarantee:

When you take any of our real estate sales or broker pre-licensing courses, we’ll guarantee you’ll pass your state-licensing exam.

Most of our students pass their licensing exam on their first try; those who don’t may take any of our classes again FREE as many times as they feel necessary for a full twelve months following their original enrollment until they are able to pass the state exam. We offer periodic FREE Test Prep classes to help our students prepare for their state licensing exam. Our students do well on their exams, so there usually isn’t a need to come back, although they do come back to see us over and over again for their continuing education. Our students have a great experience at our school. You will, too.