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12-Hour New Agent Course

18-hour Renewal Package

42-hour Late Renewal Package

24-hour Waiver Package

30-hour Waiver Package

Buyers and Sellers

Ethics and Professionalism

Legal Issues

Lien Laws and the State Construction Registry

Avoiding Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud

Real Practice of Real Estate

RELMS – Real Estate Licensing Management System

RESPA Rules – Protecting Your Clients

Rules of the Road

Short Sales

Technology and Real Estate

Trust Accounts

Utah Law 1 – Utah Licensing Law

Utah Law 2 – Office Procedures

Utah Law 3 – Licensee Conduct

Utah Law 4 – Complaints, Investigations, and Enforcement

Utah Law 5 – Other Real Estate Acts

Utah Law 6 – REPC – the Real Estate Purchase Contract

Utah Law 7 – Forms

Utah Law 8 – New Construction

Writing Good Contracts


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