9 Questions You Should Consider Before Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage

By June 5, 2015September 8th, 2022General

In Utah, you must be associated with a real estate brokerage in order to be a real estate agent. You cannot be a real estate agent by yourself; a broker must supervise your real estate activities. Choosing which real estate brokerage you’ll affiliate with can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your real estate career. Utah Real Estate School, TSG, offers FREE placement assistance to all its students.

Utah Real Estate School, TSG, is an independently-owned real estate school. We’re not associated with any one brokerage firm; in fact, we work with many brokers throughout the state. After graduating from our school, we want our students to choose firms where they’ll receive additional training and support. As a student of our school, you’re not required to affiliate with any brokerage we recommend, nor can we guarantee you a position with any firm. However, we can make you aware of brokers who are currently hiring new agents and tell you about real estate companies where our former students have been successful. We want to offer our assistance in helping you know what to look for when researching the various real estate companies.

Here’s a list of questions you should consider before selecting a real estate firm:

  1. What kind of reputation does this firm have with the public and with people inside the Real Estate industry?
  2. What kind of post-licensing training is available through this firm?
  3. What kind of marketing materials does this firm offer its agents?
  4. Is this firm technologically advanced?
  5. How does the firm generate leads, and how are they distributed to agents?
  6. How do the broker’s business philosophies compare to your own?
  7. Is there a full-time broker or trainer to assist you?
  8. Is your compensation fee or split-based?
  9. What are all the costs associated with affiliation with this firm?

Don’t feel you need to have a broker selected before you take your course or your licensing exam. While attending classes with our school, we’ll encourage you to focus on your studies with us, learning the new terminology and concepts you’ll need to know to succeed in the real estate profession. There will be time to select a real estate firm with which to affiliate after you pass your state-licensing exam. Your success is important to us!