For specific commentary from identified students, please refer to the page titled Accolades under the tab, “About.”

The following are anonymous constructive comments and relevant criticisms students have provided us following taking live and online prelicensing and continuing education classes from our school:

Great class in every way – if all classes were taught like this, the [real estate] industry would become better.

Knowledgeable, hands-on instructors made it interesting, informative, and motivating.

Great instructor!!!

Online class is very professionally presented.  I took another online real estate course that had jokes and other materials completely unrelated to the topic.  It made it difficult to follow.  I like the format of this course.

Approachable, knowledgeable instructors and staff.  I could reach them any time and they were very prompt in replying to my emails.  

Very well organized, professionally presented.  Very helpful course for me as a new agent. 

Very good delivery of material.

Enjoyable class. I learned a lot.  

Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, director, and instructors.

Instructor had good interaction with the group.

Great energy.  Informative. 

Everything was great.