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Utah Real Estate School, TSG is locally owned and operated.  We have staff available not only during business hours, but nights, holidays, and weekends to help our students succeed.  Perhaps this is why our school’s pass rates are so high.  We give our students the attention they deserve.
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Continuing Education

Utah Real Estate School, TSG has provided continuing education to agents and brokers since 1994.  Our classes are available online and live class room instruction.
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Utah Real Estate School

Utah Real Estate School, TSG positively affects the real estate industry and the lives of the people in it by being dedicated to our student body, sharing passion and integrity in our teaching, and creating opportunities for life-changing experiences.
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Free Real Estate Mentoring Available

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As a Utah Real Estate School, TLG’s agent pre-licensing student, you’ll receive four weeks of FREE mentoring following graduation. As you begin your real estate career, you’ll have information at your fingertips on acquiring your license, joining a Board or Association and the Multiple Listing Service, accessing additional training and…

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Free State Test Prep

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Check our schedule for the next Free Test Prep class. Hours for live classes vary to accommodate our students’ schedules. View our Live Class Schedule as soon as you enroll in your pre-licensing course – you can attend these sessions multiple times and will likely pick up more information each…

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