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Utah Real Estate School, TLG



The school’s director, Tammy Lund, has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years.  Recognized through the years as a top sales associate, branch broker, and principal broker, she now serves as the director of the school full-time.  She knows what it takes to pass the real estate licensing exam and has designed this course accordingly


Experience has shown most students take the real estate pre-licensing course after normal work hours.  This is when most schools close for the day.  Not at Utah Real Estate School, TLG.  We understand when you have a question, you need it answered right away, not sometime the next business day.  That’s why we respond to our student’s emails and answer our phones not only during business hours but after hours and weekends as well.


At Utah Real Estate School, TLG, you’re dealing with a local school with staff and faculty that have a strong commitment to the real estate industry.  Their goal is to help their students have rewarding and profitable experiences serving the needs of their own clientele.  That’s why Utah Real Estate School, TLG goes above and beyond to ensure every graduating student associates with a successful real estate brokerage firm.  To date, they have placed every student!


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