Am I suited to become a real estate agent?

Real estate agents wear many hats. They develop skills in prospecting, pricing, promotion, marketing, negotiating, finance and human relations.

Real estate agents are also Independent Contractors with the freedom to control their own schedule, be their own boss, and choose any desired income level. Thus, good agents possess drive, ambition, self-discipline and organizational skills.

As in any career, interpersonal skills are essential in a real estate business. As a real estate associate, your ability to empathize with people and to form professional relationships is one of the most important attributes you can possess. Selling real estate is about people helping people; you may sometimes feel like more of a social worker than a salesperson.

What does the State of Utah require in order for me to become a licensed real estate agent?

The state of Utah requires a candidate for a real estate license complete a 120-hour state-certified pre-licensing course, taken through an online distance learning course or through live classes or in any combination of the two learning methods (provided the entire 120 hours is taken from the same provider).  Students in this course may not be given credit for more than eight credit hours per day towards this 120-hour course.

Candidates for a real estate license must also pass a state-licensing exam; our course specifically prepares you for that exam and for a successful real estate career.

Candidates for licensure must also be of good moral character and will be required to pass a full BCI background check.

Previously a 90-hour course, the requirements for pre-licensing courses increased to 120 hours on January 1, 2010.

What should I consider in comparing real estate schools?

A prospective student should determine the features offered by a potential real estate school before enrolling and make certain the features will be of value to the student:
School comparison chart
School comparison chart

Why should I enroll in Utah Real Estate School, TLG instead of any other school?

Because of the student-centered policies that offer you a positive experience tailored to your own needs.   You’ll find Utah Real Estate School, TLG is one of the only real estate schools to offer availability of its staff not only during business hours, but after hours and weekends as well.  Our students often compliment us on getting back to them promptly, even on weekends and holidays.

Our school has consistently higher pass rate percentages than the average of all real estate schools combined.  On any given month, our pass rates may be as much as 15% – 30% higher than other schools.

Utah Real Estate School, TLG is one of the oldest, continuously operating real estate schools in the state of Utah.  We have a proven track record of success.

Tammy Lund, our School Director, has been licensed in Utah as a real estate agent since 1983.  Tammy won many top awards as an agent, but her real pride came as a branch broker when she helped develop six Rookie of the Year finalists for the Salt Lake Board of Realtors.

Tammy’s husband, Byron, is co-owner of the school.  Byron has education running through his veins as a retired Social Studies teacher, having taught Sociology, Advanced Placement Government, Economy, and U. S. History for the Granite School District for 34.5 years.

Tammy, Byron, and the entire staff’s commitment is unwavering to offer the best education available and to prepare students for real-life successful roles in the real estate profession.  Whether you want to work full time and earn a high income in the real estate industry, or you’d like to work part-time while pursuing other personal or business ventures, or perhaps you’d just like to make personal real estate investment purchases, you’ll find Utah Real Estate School, TLG to offer the most flexible, student-centered environment for real estate education.

What does the course cost?

Our online course is competitively-priced at $509, which includes all online curriculum, any live classes attended, the Utah Real Estate Law textbook as well as three final practice exams to help prepare you for the licensing exam as well as our FREE Live Test Prep class, which can be attended multiple times.

Are the books included?

Yes, the Utah Real Estate Law textbook is included in the real estate sales agent course tuition.  This is a locally-written textbook in printed form.  If you’d prefer to have it online, a pdf version can be emailed to you.
You will own this book, so feel free to write notes in it, highlight important concepts and use it to help you prepare for your licensing exam.  It can also be kept in your real estate office as a reference guide when questions regarding Utah real estate law arise in your real estate practice.
For broker candidates, your textbook is included and available online.
There are additional test prep classes and materials available FREE or at reduced cost for our students as well.  These are not required, but are made available to our students who want extra help in preparing for their licensing exam.

What are your locations and office hours?

Our main branch is located at 75 E. Ft. Union Blvd., (7200 South), Suite C, in the American Executive Office Suites building, Midvale, Utah 84047.  We have satellite branches in Ogden and Orem and work through many different real estate companies throughout the state who stock our textbook packets for the convenience of our students.

Our receptionist is available at our Midvale branch from 8:30 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday for book and graduation packet pick up, although we can also ship our textbooks at no cost to the student and graduation documentation can be emailed to the student.

Enrollment and courses can be accessed from our website, any time.

To get answers to questions you may have before enrolling or any time during your course, email to receive a prompt reply any time between 8 a.m. – 9:45 p.m. daily, including weekends and holidays.  We know this is when our you may be taking your course – if you have any questions, we want to answer them for you promptly.   Other schools don’t offer these extended hours, but our commitment is to respond to our students as promptly as possible even after business hours and on weekends and holidays.

Do I have to take the course online or can I take the entire course live?

Because of the popularity of the online courses, most real estate schools canceled their live class programs altogether or significantly reduced the number of live classes offered.   Even those who post a calendar of live classes will admit they sometimes cancel classes due to lack of attendance or availability of an instructor.
The vast majority of our students opt to take most of the course online.  We are approved to offer both live and online classes.  We will allow our students to substitute live classes for online ones.  However, even students who believe they’d prefer live classes discover they are learning through our online program and find it much more convenient than driving through traffic at a specific scheduled time to attend a live class.
Therefore, we don’t offer a lot of live classes.  When we do, we try to consider the type of student who will attend that class and offer it on days and times that will be convenient for that type of student.  For example, you’ll notice our Live Test Prep classes are typically offered on Saturdays, which isn’t the most convenient time for our staff, however, it is the most convenient time for most of our students who work Monday – Friday in their other jobs.
If you’re considering another school based on their live class schedule, analyze that schedule carefully to determine how long it will take you to complete your course online.  If you will end up doing most of your course online, make your decision based on the school with the best online program.

Do you have someone available to answer questions about the online classes?

Our staff and certified instructors are available either at our school or by phone or email every day of the week including weekends from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. and sometimes before and after those times.
If you have any questions as you’re moving through the course, immediately email regardless of the hour or day of the week.
If you’re considering other schools, try calling or emailing them after hours.  In this way, you can determine where you’re likely to get the most prompt support after you enroll.  Being available for our students is so important to us, we pay our team members to be available not only during business hours, but after hours and weekends as well.
We also offer Course Information Tips throughout our course and FREE Live Test Prep classes to assist each student in efficiently moving through their course and preparing for the licensing exam.

What are the system requirements for my computer if I want to take the online classes?

As long as you have access to the Internet, you’ll be able to take our courses, although using current operating systems and up-to-date browsers may make it even easier.  There are no special requirements for the type of computer or operating system – our course works with most of them.

Our course is fully compatible with Mac.  In fact, you can even take our classes on your iPad or iPhone, although we’d recommend a laptop or desktop for the best experience.   Some video clips require flash, which may mean you’ll want to move to a laptop or desktop for those portions of the course.   Notebook computers don’t always show you the full screen.

You won’t be loading anything to your computer as is the case with some online schools.  With our course, you’ll be able to take the course from any computer with Internet access and move back and forth between your computers as you take the course.

How do I register for the course?

Just click “New Agent” from our home page.  You can also click on the tab from our home page that says, “Licensing Courses,” near the top of that home page and follow the prompts.  Select the first course listed for the Agent Pre-licensing Course or select the course you’re interested in.  Existing agents should click on “CE Courses” if they are wanting to take Continuing Education.  It’s that easy.

Just use your credit or debit card and you’ll be able to start your classes right away.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.  When a student enrolls, whether they open their course or not, we’ve already been obligated to pay fees associated with the school’s operation and with for that particular course.

However, we’ll work with our students to find good solutions to any challenges they may have.  For example, if the student needs more time to finish a course, we may be able to arrange an extension on some of the course material at minimal cost.  If the student is moving from Utah or has any other situation that prevents them from completing the course, we will allow the student to find someone else interested in taking the course and sell/transfer the course to that person.  (However, it is crucial the school be notified first of any course transfers; we must be able to document that the new student has completed all 120 hours themselves and not benefited from classes finished by the first student.)

What is open enrollment?

Open enrollment means the student can start the program at any time.  Because each student moves through the course at their own pace, each individual student can enroll whenever they’re ready to begin.

Online classes are taken in an easy-to-follow order, which you’ll receive when you enroll.  You’ll also receive step-by-step instructions with your textbook and also in the first pages of your course.

We also include Course Information Tips to help each student as they move through the course, so you’re never wondering, “What’s next?”  receive when you enroll.

Live classes do not have to be taken in any particular order and are each taught independently.  Our students can substitute any live class they take for the online class of the same name.

How long does the course take?

Our online course can be completed in as little as 15 days, provided the student takes the maximum allowable eight credit hours per day.  However, that is a very fast pace and isn’t recommended unless the student wishes to get their license very quickly.

The Utah Division of Real Estate defines a credit hour as 50 minutes, so this 120-hour pre-licensing course is actually 100 “seat-time” hours.

Most students complete one – three hours per day 4 – 5 days per week and finish the course in six weeks to three months.

If the student logs into their course for at least 30 minutes at least twice weekly and averages 10 hours per week, they can enroll in our tuition reimbursement program after they have been enrolled for six weeks or more.  However, there’s no obligation to enroll in that program or to move through the course at any specific pace – each student decides what is best for them.

Tuition is good for one year; as long as the student finishes the course within the year, they can pace themselves however they’d like to accommodate their own schedule.

Is there financial assistance available for my tuition?

Our least expensive option is to pay for the course up front with your credit or debit card as you enroll.
We have several other options regarding tuition payment.
1) There are some real estate firms that may reimburse all or part of a new licensee’s start-up costs.  Normally, the student is required to pay their tuition up front and receive reimbursement after the student has closed transactions with that firm.
2) If the student is dedicated to completing their course and licensing within four months including logging into their course each week and averaging 1o hours or more per week, the student may enroll in a special tuition reimbursement program with the school after six weeks.  This  program still involves the student paying the tuition up front, then receiving reimbursement after they’ve closed some transactions with a participating real estate firm.
2) We offer a 30-day payment plan, although it is more expensive than paying for the course up front (but still less expensive than another school which offers a similar payment plan).

What do I have to do to get my tuition reimbursed?

Tuition reimbursement is an optional program offered in conjunction with a number of real estate firms interested in recruiting good students.  There’s no obligation to enroll in this program.  Students can enroll and pay for their course just as they always have and as they would with any other real estate school.

However, students are eligible for tuition reimbursement if  they meet the following criteria:

  • Finish the course within six weeks; or
  • Log into their online course at least twice each week for at least 30 minutes or more; and,
  • Average 10 hours per week for their first six weeks in the course; and,
  • Apply for tuition reimbursement upon the sooner of course completion or six weeks from enrollment.

Upon completing these requirements (no exceptions), the student must then apply for the tuition reimbursement program by emailing the school. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for tuition reimbursement – the school doesn’t automatically contact the student regarding this program.  The student must then meet with one or more of our participating brokers and enter into their contract for tuition reimbursement, meeting any additional requirements set forth by that real estate firm.

Generally speaking, in order to be eligible, the student must meet these additional requirements:

  • Continue to regularly login and average at least 10 hours per week in their course.
  • Finish the course, pass their licensing exam and apply for their license within four months of enrolling in the course.
  • Be acceptable for recruitment by one of the participating real estate firms.

Our students are not required to associate with any particular firm unless they wish to receive tuition reimbursement.

Tuition reimbursement is not guaranteed.  The school itself doesn’t refund any student’s tuition; however, we work with a number of real estate firms who have agreed to reimburse all or part of the student’s tuition from the transactions that student closes after licensing with that real estate firm.  Because each student’s personality and professional demeanor vary, our school and the participating real estate firms do not guarantee any tuition reimbursement – we can only make the claim our school has helped a number of our students with tuition reimbursement by the real estate firm that recruited them and are committed to do the same for you when you meet the above criteria.

Is your course accredited by any other agencies?

In addition to the course and the school being certified by the Utah Division of Real Estate, the school is also affiliated with the following businesses or agencies:

A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Utah State Office of Rehabilitation

Utah Department of Workforce Services

Sometimes students ask if the school is accredited because they have a grant, such as the GI bill, which requires they attend a college or university. Most real estate schools are not accredited like a college or university; instead, real estate schools are certified by the Utah Division of Real Estate to offer real estate pre-licensing and continuing education classes.  Our school has been approved by the UDRE since 1994.

Utah Real Estate School, TLG is committed to assisting you with any grant or scholarship program to which you have access; however, you must provide us the contact person, their contact information, and the forms necessary to bill that agency for payment of your tuition in your behalf.

Can I watch video classes?

The Utah Division of Real Estate abolished passive education such as video/DVD viewing in August of 2007.  All classes must either be taken online or in a live class.

Are all of the classes taught by the same instructor?

Most of our students prefer the convenience of online classes.  You’ll have the opportunity to take courses designed with input from a variety of excellent, state-certified instructors who have received top ratings from our former and existing students as well as real estate membership organizations.  You’ll benefit from their diverse personalities and gain from their experiences in the real estate business.  Our faculty and contributing course writers combine over 200 years of real estate experience.

You’ll participate in, have real-life real estate experienced outlined, and perhaps even chuckle as you take many of our classes.  We believe classes should not only be informative, but entertaining, as a way of helping our students learn and apply the information they learn at our school. At the same time, we maintain a professional learning environment. Most schools offer one learning format, such as power point, so the studnet must take the entire course in one format.  Our classes offer a large array of learning modes, such as power point, video clips, whiteboard presentations, interactive exercises, quizzes, and links to news stories and magazine articles that pertain to the material the student is learning.  This helps our students retain the information and understand how they will use it in the real world of real estate.

We also offer three practice final exams FREE and included in the 120 hours, so our students can be prepared for their licensing exam. Our pass rates are very high, indicating our presentation of curriculum and practice testing is very effective for our students.

Can I take a class again?

Yes, any class may be repeated as many times as the student likes at no additional charge for a period of one year from the date of enrollment.

Each student has the opportunity to review any of the material in their course until they graduate.  We then leave the course available for the student to study and repeat their practice tests as many times as they’d like for 30 days following graduation, so the student is able to prepare for their licensing exam.

If the student doesn’t pass their licensing exam (very unlikely, since most of our students pass their exam on the first try), we guarantee the student will have access to the course material for the full year following their enrollment in order to assist them to ultimately passing their licensing exam.

If I'm taking online classes, is there IT support available?

Yes, if you need assistance with how the course functions on your device, we offer IT support not only during business hours, but after hours and weekends as well.  Technical issues are very rare with our program, which is very user-friendly and easy to understand.
The courses work effectively with a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, iPhones and iPads, Android systems, and other notebook devices.  The courses also work in most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.  Some students feel the timing is best in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  There are free downloads for these browsers.
If you have any technical challenges during the course, we’d first advise closing your browser, re-opening it, and logging back into your course. Most computer issues are due to websites you’ve previously visited that downloaded things to your computer unbeknownst to you that then conflict with future sites you visit (such as our learning management systems).
If you are still having problems, email immediately and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Do I have to log in at a certain time every day?

No, these classes are all online to be taken at any time the student wishes to enter the course.  Each student takes the course individually and at their own pace.

You may sometimes be given the opportunity to interact with other students as well as agents, brokers, and real estate firm recruiters as you move through our course and attend our Live Test Prep classes (optional).

What are your courses like? Are they audio or visual?

Because the majority of the population are visual learners, our courses include power point, reading, graphics and illustrations, whiteboard presentations, video clips, links to news stories and magazine articles, as well as comprehension quizzes and practice final exams that help you prepare for the licensing exam.
Although there are video clips and other presentations that feature audio, this is not a course you can turn on and listen to while doing other tasks.  The Utah Division of Real Estate doesn’t allow schools to offer programs that don’t require the student to be activelye-engaged in their online course.
Our course helps you understand how you’ll use the material you learn in the real world of real estate, which greatly enhances your ability to remember what you’ve learned.
You’ll encounter comprehension questions, module reviews, quizzes and practice exams, and even some easy, fun games throughout the course.
With our program, you may start and end classes at any time and resume in the unit where you left off when you can return to the course later in the day or on an entirely different day.  You do not have to finish a class in one sitting.
If you get distracted, you do not have to complete any specific module before ending and can stop right int the middle to return at a later time.  You’ll still get credit for the units you’ve completed and won’t lose the minutes you’ve achieved in previously completed units.  before ending and can stop right in the middle to return at a later time.
While in our course, you can advance at your own pace.
Some schools’ courses are timed on each page and will not allow you to advance to the next screen until the required time per page has lapsed.
Our course is much more user-friendly.  You can spend as much or as little time on each page within our course as you’d like, as long as you spend the required total minutes in that unit within the course.  This allows you to focus your attention on material that is of the most interest or in areas of the course where you need to gain a greater understanding.

Can I take the entire sales course online?

Yes, the vast majority of licensee applicants today take their entire pre-licensing course online.  The state of Utah allows for the pre-licensing course as well as continuing education courses to be taken entirely online, entirely live, or in any combination.  They don’t even distinguish between the way a class was taken – the state’s opinion is that online classes are as effective (if not more so) than live education.

If I’m taking live classes, how do I get to your school?

Check the location of the live class on our “Live Class Schedules” under “Licensing Courses,” because some of our classes are taught off-site.

To drive to our main branch in Midvale, from I-15, take the Midvale exit located in the center of the Salt Lake City valley, just south of the I-215 belt route.  Go east to State Street.  Stay in the southern of the two northbound (left-hand) turn lanes, as you will make an immediate right turn into our parking lot as you turn left onto State Street.  We’re located on the northeast corner of 7200 South and State Street in the American Executive Office Suites.  Look for the big American flag above the sign and enter Suite C.  The front receptionists can then assist you.

What if I don't pass the school's final exams?

Throughout the course, you are not only told which questions you missed on the comprehension quizzes, but you’re also told what the current answers are to help you learn.

Many schools offer only one final exam.  Utah Real Estate School, TLG has three agent final exams, a National, Utah Law and Math exam (Broker students take the broker final exam.)

You can repeat different versions of the exams until you achieve an 80% or higher in order to pass and receive credit towards completion of your course.  When you take the licensing exam, you’ll only need a 70% (brokers need 75%), so we’ll make sure you’re more than ready to pass that exam in one try.

You can continue repeating our final exams at no additional charge even after you’ve passed them as you finish the course, so you can prepare yourself for the state-licensing exam.  We leave your course on for 30 days following your graduation to allow you to study for your exam.

When you submit your final practice tests online, it is instantly graded and you are not only given your score but also told which questions you missed, so you’re better able to study (not all schools provide question-by-question feedback).

We enhance your learning opportunities to help you prepare for our final exams and the state-licensing exam.

Can I take the state licensing exam at your school?

No, the licensing exam is administered by an a testing company contracted by the Utah Division of Real Estate.
This Utah real estate licensing exam can be taken in Draper, Ogden, or in Las Vegas, Nevada.
A student should not register for the licensing exam until all class work and school final exams are completed and a school certification has been issued.  Our graduation packet contains all information needed to register for the state-licensing exam.
The licensing exam may also be taken in a different state.  The testing company, PearsonVue, is a global company.

Does the tuition cover the state-licensing exam?

Real estate schools do not customarily pay the student’s testing or licensing fees.   When a school says their tuition covers the exam, they are typically referring to their school’s exam, not the licensing exam which is administered by a separate company.

Sometimes, individual real estate firms, eager to recruit a new agent, may agree to reimburse some of these types of fees.

Where and when can I attend classes?

Using the Internet on any computer or other similar device, you will be able to start your online course immediately.

Our live class schedules are available on our website under Licensing Courses. Because of the popularity of the online format, many students are no longer attending classes live, so please RSVP to verify that the class will be held as scheduled. Email at least 24 hours before the scheduled class time to let us know you plan to attend. We’ll verify your RSVP. If the class must be re-scheduled, we’ll let you know via email, so you don’t come to the school needlessly.

We may offer classes at various locations throughout the state. Currently, the majority of our classes are being offered at our main branch on the northeast corner of 7200 South and State Street in Midvale (center of the Salt Lake valley).  We have classrooms available in a variety of locations throughout the state and can sometimes make arrangements to teach in your area if there will be sufficient attendees to justify that venue.

How do I schedule to take my state-licensing exam?

Make certain you’ve received your graduation packet from the school.  Print your Candidate Handbook and review it thoroughly.  Regardless of the school you attend, you cannot take the state-licensing exam without the school’s certifying documentation issued when you complete the course, which will contain an authorized school signature and stamp.

With the school code and graduation date contained in that certifying document, contact Pearson Vue at 1-800-274-7292 or go to .  They are usually one – three weeks out for scheduling and offer the Utah licensing exam in Draper, Ogden, or Las Vegas, Nevada.  Have your credit or debit card ready to pay th e$66 reservation fee, payable to the testing compnay at the time you reserve your test time.

Once I have a school certificate, how long do I have to take the state exam?

The state exam must be taken and passed and you must apply for your license within one year of the date on the school certificate.  In other words, your licensing education is good for one year.

However, don’t wait.  Statistics show that students who take their licensing exam within 30 days of completing their pre-licensing education are much more likely to pass their licensing exam on the first try.  The longer you wait, even though you plan to study more, the less you’ll remember from your course.

What if I don't pass the state-licensing exam after graduating from your school?

Our school offers a GUARANTEE.  If you don’t pass your state-licensing exam first try after completing your course within one year of enrollment, you can return to review all course materials as well as attend as many free test prep classes as you’d like within the 12 months following your graduation.
Ask the school’s Directors about any curriculum you don’t understand.  We’re very eager to help our students succeed.
Continue taking the final exams until you feel confident with the material, so you can re-take and successfully pass your state exam.
 The state exam requires a 70% in order to pass.  Since you are required to pass our school final exams with 80%, and our curriculum is well-proven to produce great results, it is very likely you’ll pass the state-licensing exam on the first try if you focus on your course material as you go through it and study for this licensing exam.

If I graduate from your school, am I required to work for your company?

No, you have no obligation to work for any specific broker when you attend Utah Real Estate School, TLG.

Our school is independently owned and has great relationships with many area real estate firms throughout the state.  We offer free placement assistance when you graduate from any of our programs.

We’re most interested in helping our students associate with firms that offer good post-licensing training and support to help our students succeed.

Refer to the “Resources” tab on our website to view the “Trusted Brokers and Affiliates” page.  Firms cannot advertise on this page and can only be featured if one or more of our former students has had a positive experience with that firm.

If I have a real estate or broker's license in another state, do I need to re-take all these classes?

Contact the Utah Division of Real Estate by calling 801-530-6747 or go to their website, and live chat during Utah business hours regarding the possibility of a waiver of all or part of the education and testing requirements.

The education department at the Division will determine how the education from your former licensing state compares to Utah requirements and may waive all or part of the education and/or testing requirements for a Utah real estate license.

A waiver document will be emailed to you, which will indicate to us which portions of education we need to provide for you.  We have standard waiver packages or can customize a package for you based on the Division’s requirements.

Forward that email or scan and email that document to us at as soon as you get it.

Real estate schools in Utah are forbidden to enroll you in anything other than the full pre-licensing course unless you have your waiver letter in hand.  Once we have a copy of your waiver letter, we can quote you a price for the portion of the course you will be taking through our school.

What start up costs are there to becoming a real estate agent?

Entering the real estate profession is like opening your own business.  There are business expenses.
You should work with a competent tax adviser, as many of these start-up costs are tax-deductible.
In most cases, you will work as an independent contractor and work the hours you set for yourself, working as many or as few hours as you desire.  Therefore, you must discipline yourself to get to work and accomplish the things you need to do each day to be successful, even if you’are working from your home office.
You can expect to minimally incur the following expenses:
Agent Pre-licensing School tuition, $509 (or sale price)
State licensing exam, $66
First two-year licensing fee, $154 (includes fingerprinting and background checks)
Most real estate agents want access to the Multiple Listing Service, which has an initial application fee and monthly fees which can be paid by credit card.   Monthly fees can be as low as $38 per month, but can be higher, depending on which MLS Services you choose to join.   If you live along the Wasatch Front, most agents join the Wasatch Front Multiple Listing Service.
In order to have access to these MLS services, licensees must join a firm that is a member of a local Board or Association of Realtors.  The licensee must also join that membership organization, which requires the payment of annual membership fees.
Payment of Board or Association dues includes memberships in the Utah Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors as well.
Depending on which Board or Association you join in the state (usually the one within the area you live), those fees can range from $250 – $1,200+ per year and most have a first-time application fee as well.
Those fees are not paid until you’ve completed our course, passed your licensing exam and received your real estate license from the state of Utah.
You’ll need to take continuing education classes throughout your real estate career, usually at a rate o f about $10 per credit hour.
Currently there are 18 hours required within a two-year period, so an agent could expect to pay $150 or more for ongoing education, although some firms, Boards, and/or Associations of Realtors offer free or reduced-cost continuing education for their agents.
Also plan for start-up costs, such as signs, business cards, etc.
Some brokers offset some of these costs outlined here, but a student should be prepared to spend $1,000 – $3,000 (including tuition, licensing fees, Board or Association fees, MLS fees, etc.) over the course of their first two years in the real estate business.
Luckily, that amount does not have to be paid in one lump sum.
And the good news is: the average real estate commission check exceeds $4,800, so one sale could cover your start-up expenses.
There are very few business ownership opportunities that offer such low start-up expenses and such a high rate of return on money invested.  However, a candidate for a Utah real estate license should make certain they have the financial ability and/or backing to ensure a smooth transition into the real estate business.