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To immediately enroll in any of our courses, simply scroll down to your course choice, click on the “CLICK HERE TO ENROLL” option, and start your course today.    You can learn more about each course by reading the information here that further describes its features.  

Online Program – Our most popular program, online students can take the entire 120-hour course online.  Course material is presented in an interesting, professional design, one of the most user-friendly online courses available in real estate education in Utah.  Written by real estate professionals and educational psychologists who understand how adults learn and retain information, students engage in the curriculum and  interact with the course material from the convenience of their home or office computer, having fun and learning at the same time!  A feature of our course not found in some online programs is the ability to freely move forward and backward within the units of the course to jump ahead to more detailed information or review something previously covered in the unit.  For a prompt reply to questions anywhere in the course, simply email – our staff monitors our emails not only during business hours, but after hours, weekends, and holidays, so our students can answers to their questions much quicker.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet our instructors at a free test prep class included in your tuition.  Real estate brokers or other members of the real estate industry often stop by during that final review to meet prospective licensees and answer questions about today’s real estate market.  This final test prep class helps our students do very well on their state-licensing exam.  Each student can ask questions about any of the material in the course, benefit from questions asked by their fellow students, and learn more about the real estate industry.   Learn how many questions are on the test, how the test is structured, and more when you attend this informative 5-hour session free to all our enrollees.

Our school’s pass rates are very high – our students consistently pass their state-licensing exam on their first try.  Our agent-pre-licensing students also receive free mentoring following graduation.


Agent Online Course – Spring Special, limited time, just $489 – Normally $509 ($489 includes Utah Real Estate Law textbook and FREE Live Test Prep Classes)

Our Online Sales Agent Pre-licensing Course is certified by the Utah Division of Real Estate to fulfill the requirement for 120 hours of real estate pre-licensing classes in order to license as a real estate agent in Utah. The only time limitation is that schools are not allowed to give credit for more than eight credit hours per day, so pace yourself accordingly.  Most students complete a few hours per day and finish the course in 6 – 8 weeks – some students finish all required work in as little as fifteen days.  Tuition is good for one full year.   

The course is delivered in three distinct sections:  Utah Law, National, and final practice exams.  Your tuition of $489 pays for all 120 hours, including the school exams to help the student prepare for their licensing exam.  The Utah Real Estate Law textbook (a physical book, not an online one) as well as FREE test prep classes, FREE placement assistance, and FREE mentoring following graduation are also included in your tuition.  

When you complete our course, you’ll be ready to pass the state-licensing exam.  Our school pass rates are consistently higher than the combined pass rates of all other Utah real estate schools.  

Before enrolling, be aware that anyone with any felony in the past five years is not eligible for Utah real estate licensing. Those with misdemeanors involving moral turpitude, such as fraud or theft, in the past three years are also not eligible for a Utah real estate license. Others with older criminal backgrounds are considered by the Utah Real Estate Commission after the student completes their pre-licensing course & passes their licensing exam on a case-by-case basis. The Commission will not license someone who may be a danger to the public in real estate transactions. By enrolling, you agree to sign a subsequent disclosure regarding your knowledge of this background check requirement.

Study Guide – $17.95

This book coincides with the national part of the agent pre-licensing course known as RECampus. Chapter 1 of this Study Guide is Section 1 of your online course, Chapter 2 is Section 2 and so on. This study guide features no narrative; however, it is filled with sample test questions posed in different question methods, such as multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, matching, etc. to get you thinking and help you prepare for your licensing exam. Each Chapter includes flash cards to help you learn the real estate terms that you’ll need to know on your licensing exam (and in your career.)

Exam Prep Question Packet – Just $16.95

This packet consists of questions used in past Exam Prep classes. Students who purchase this packet and review these questions are more prepared for the state-licensing exam. Just $16.95 includes shipping and handling!

Broker Course ONLINE – “Spring Will Soon Be Here” Special, just $550, normally $599

The 120-hour Broker Course is now available entirely online. You’ll take 120 hours of the course in “bite-size” manageable sections around your schedule, anytime of the day, night, weekends, or holidays in any time increments you have available. It’s easy to take this course while still servicing your clients and increasing your business.

A broker’s license is the best “designation” a real estate licensee can have, so whether you ever plan to own your own company or not, the word “broker” on your business card lets potential clients know you have more education and experience than the average real estate agent.

Take this course at your own pace. Your tuition is good for a full year, but it’s easy to complete this course in six – eight weeks, pacing yourself with just a few hours per day. Want to finish sooner, just devote more time per day; however, do not exceed eight credit hours per day, the maximum allowable time for which you can receive credit as regulated by the Utah Division of Real Estate.

Normally $599; take advantage of our limited time Spring Special pricing of $550. Save $49 now. Hurry, don’t delay!

If you do not currently hold a real estate license in the state of Utah, you are not eligible to enroll in the broker course. Non-licensees must enroll in our agent course and get at least three years of the required experience first. Licensees from other states should contact the Utah Division of Real Estate for waiver information before enrolling.


Utah Law Waiver Package $200/$250

Waiver students: please scan and email your waiver letter to to begin the enrollment process.

You will be contacted promptly by a member of our staff with instructions and a user name and password to begin your course. This course is entirely online. The 24-hour course is $200. 30-hour course is $250. Both courses include the Utah Law textbook and a 2-hour final exam to help you prepare for the state-licensing exam. Additional practice exams and test prep material are available if you are required to take the general exam as well.

ETHICS book for the Real Estate Professional (57 pages)

Justified or not, the perception of real estate practitioners as unethical is far too commonplace. While ethical dilemmas are not the “private property” of real estate agents and brokers, real estate licensees do face challenges that are unique to the real estate profession. This second edition of the ETHICS book in which Deborah H. Long was the Series Consulting Editor is a great opportunity for licensees to review their understanding of ethics and professionalism. After reading this book, a licensee should be better prepared to deal with the ethical dilemmas they face on a regular basis in their real estate careers. $14.95.

RISK MANAGEMENT book (70 pages)

Risk management can be defined as a plan of action to minimize the real estate licensee’s risk of liability. Minimizing risks generally involves four components: 1) education, 2) shifting risk, 3) anticipating risk, and 4) controlling risks. This manual should be on the shelf of every real estate broker and referred to at least annually. Not a bad review for a real estate agent as well. $12.95.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT and Managing Risk book (72 pages)

Property management is a highly specialized but rapidly growing sector of the real estate profession. Unless you’re managing your own property, managing real property for another requires a real estate license in the state of Utah. There is not a separate property management license or certification with the Utah Division of Real Estate; however, unless you are a salaried employee of an owner who does not receive any bonuses for renting a unit, you are required to have a Utah real estate license to manage one or more real estate properties. In this book, you’ll learn about the challenges faced by those who are managing real property for others as well as typical duties, manager-owner relationships, leases and tenant issues, emergency and safety challenges and more.

Residential, commercial, industrial and special-purpose properties are discussed. $13.95.

Agent Live Class Course – $799 (Includes Books & Exams)

Our live class sales agent pre-licensing course has been certified by the Utah Division of Real Estate and satisfies the requirement for 120 hours of pre-licensing classes. Due to the popularity of the online program and the current economy, it isn’t possible to offer the entire course live, but we do offer 44 hours of live classes, while the live class student completes 76 of the hours online. The student will attend one, two, and three-hour live classes with our certified instructors to complete the 44 hours of live classes. Tuition is good for one year although the course can be completed in as little as four months, depending on when the student enrolls. Live classes can be taken in any order. This course is taught three times each year in rotating day, evening and weekend classes. Schedules can be viewed on our website under the licensing courses tab, then select “live class schedules” down the left side of the screen, then select the month or months you wish to view. Email for more details and any questions you may have about our live class program.

Broker Live Class Course – $849 (Includes Utah Law Textbook, School Exams, and Free Test Prep Class)

Our live class broker pre-licensing course has been certified by the Utah Division of Real Estate and satisfies the requirement for 120 hours of pre-licensing classes. Due to the popularity of our online course and the current economy, it isn’t possible to offer the entire 120 hours in live-class format. However, an existing agent who enrolls in our live-class broker course will take 50 hours of classes online and can take the remaining 70 hours in live classes. The agent will attend a variety of one, two and three-hour live classes with our certified instructors offered in rotation over a six-month period, then take five practice final exams online to prepare the agent for passing the state-licensing exam for brokers. Enrollment is subject to having sufficient live class enrollees (tuition will be refunded immediately if there are not sufficient enrollees to warrant holding this live class.) Before enrolling, you must anticipate you will have three years’ experience as an agent and 60 experience points by the time you finish this course in order to meet the Utah Division of Real Estate requirements for a broker’s license.

Tuition is good for one year.