Real estate licensees renewing their agent or broker license must have completed 18 hours of continuing education classes (CE) within their previous two-year licensing renewal cycle, of which at least 9 of those hours must be designated as CORE.

These class requirements can be done in live classes, online, or in any combination.  You can do all CE hours online if you choose.  CE classes, whether live or online, are approximately $10 per credit hour at Utah Real Estate School, TLG, with discounts when you purchase multiple courses in a package.  Enroll here and start your class right away.

If you’d prefer live classes, view our live class schedules on this website by clicking “Licensing Courses,” then select “Live Class Schedule.” CORE and elective CE classes are denoted in bold type on our schedules.  If you plan to attend a live class, you MUST RSVP to at least 24 hours prior to class time.

PLEASE NOTE: not all live classes qualify as CE.  You must attend a class indicated as a CE class on our schedule in order to receive CE credit.

All real estate licensees MUST renew their licenses online – no mail-in or counter renewals are allowed. This means all CE should be done by the 15th of the month in the renewal month (a UDRE administrative rule) to allow the CE provider time to bank the course and have it appear on the licensee’s Division transcript, a process that can take up to 15 days.

At Utah Real Estate School, TLG, we pride ourselves in banking your course promptly, usually within a few hours of your completion of the course. If you are past the 15th of your renewal month, we may still be able to accommodate you; as long as you complete the Statement of Compliance and give us your complete and accurate license number, we can usually get your course banked right away, although it can take 1 – 5 days to appear on your transcript once we’ve banked it.  This lag time occurs because the banking site and the Division’s site don’t communicate in real time, which is beyond our control.  However, let us know if you’re in a hurry and we’ll do all we can to expedite your banking.

18-hour License Renewal CE Package – $150

12-Hour New Agent Course ONLINE – $100

Ethics and Professionalism ONLINE – $30

42-Hour CE Package for late license renewal – $300

Lien Laws and the State Construction Registry ONLINE – $30

Avoiding Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud ONLINE – $30

Fair Housing/Shared Neighborhoods – $30

This three-credit hour Continuing Education course covers the history of Fair Housing law from the Civil Rights Act to the most recent amendments to the Fair Housing Act.  The real estate licensee will be exposed to common situations where Fair Housing laws could inadvertently be compromised and encourages a fresh look at a  topic that makes not only financial, but moral, sense in a good real estate business model.

Trust Accounts ONLINE – $30

Writing Good Contracts ONLINE – $30

RESPA/HUD-1 Course One ONLINE – $20

Rules of the Road ONLINE – $30

Legal Issues ONLINE – $30

This course offers 3 CORE CE hours. Click on “Add To Cart” below to purchase this course, pay for it, and immediately begin taking Course Number RC130618.

Buyers and Sellers ONLINE – $15

The Real Practice of Real Estate

Technology and Real Estate ONLINE – $20

Short Sales ONLINE – $20


Utah Law 1 – Utah License Law ONLINE – $20

Utah Law 5 – Other Real Estate Statutes ONLINE – $20

6-Hour CORE CE Package ONLINE – $50 ON SALE

Utah Law 4 – Complaints, Investigations and Enforcement ONLINE – $20

Utah Law 8 – New Construction ONLINE – $20

Utah Law 7 – Forms ONLINE – $20

Utah Law 6 – REPC ONLINE – $20


This one-hour CORE CE course contains information about the Utah Division of Real Estate’s website,, including how to renew your license online. To order, pay for, and begin Course Number RC130619 immediately, click on the “Add to Cart” in the course description below:

12-hour CORE CE Utah Law package ONLINE – $100